London Borough of Croydon

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What it's about

The local offer publication has been produced to give you, as a care leaver, a clear idea of what services we provide. It has been written with the aim of outlining exactly what you can expect from us.  

Why it's needed

Turnaround centre (Resized).jpg The need for a local offer arises from the introduction of the Children and Social Work Act 2017, which basically says that we, as a council, have to publish information about the services we provide you. However, we feel, in Croydon, that our published local offer should go beyond our legal requirement and should, rather, be a more comprehensive document. 

Our publication builds upon the base requirements stated in the Act to provide you with a more detailed overview of exactly what we offer, how we will deliver it, as well as other information about services for care leavers provided by others.

At the heart of our practice, we will aim to identify and promote what is working well in your life, while exploring concerns, assessing the impact of these and planning in partnership with you. 

View the local offer for care leavers.  


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