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CAYSH: homelessness support

CAYSH works with young people facing homelessness in London, providing safe homes and support to enable them to achieve their potential.

Services include:

  • free advice drop-in
  • housing pathway
  • lodgings
  • support officers

Floating support

We work in partnership with an organisation called CAYSH who are based in the middle of Croydon and offer a floating support service to you if you need it – this means you have a support worker who sort of ‘floats’ in and out of your life as you need them but who can provide more intensive or targeted support than your Personal Adviser.

CAYSH is an organisation that supports young people in a number of ways. In Croydon, CAYSH has two workers providing floating support for care leavers who are referred to them by their Personal Adviser.

The floating support consists of:

  • general day-to-day assistance, such as accompanying you to appointments, helping you set up your gas and electricity supplier, budgeting, chasing immigration solicitors
  • signposting you to other appropriate services, such as Off the Record, Turning Point and StepChange
  • working in partnership with your Personal Adviser to meet your needs in a way that works for you

This service is for: 

  • Young people aged 16 to 21

Contact Information

Contact phone
Enquiries email
Christopher Wren Yard, 119 High Street
United Kingdom

Christopher Wren Yard, 119 High Street
Croydon CR0 1QG
United Kingdom