Croydon’s Food Flagship Programme

Growing food, learning to cook healthier food, and understanding the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet in preventing obesity are the principal aims of Croydon becoming a Food Flagship Borough.

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WATCH our Food Flagship video – Keeping the legacy alive!  

Good Food Matters – Community Food Learning Centre

We are working in partnership with the Good Food Matters charity, which runs the Community Food Learning Centre in New Addington, Croydon.

Good Food Matters is dedicated to helping people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds to build healthier lifestyles. It has fantastic cooking and food growing lessons, which supports both children and adults.  Find out more about their work at

Eat Well Croydon

Eat Well Croydon is voluntary scheme for food outlets in Croydon encouraging them to develop healthier practices. Making small changes in food choices, preparation and cooking methods can make a big difference to customers’ diet and health and overall customer satisfaction.

As of June 2017, 30 local food businesses have signed up to the scheme since it began and achieved the Eat Well Croydon award for demonstrating a commitment to offering healthier options.

We are encouraging even more local food businesses to increase their healthy offer and improve cooking methods by signing up to the Eat Well Croydon scheme.

More information about the scheme is available on our Live well page. Or, contact Deborah Norman, project manager at