Information about local and regional schemes to help you reduce your fuel bills, and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Croydon Healthy Homes

Croydon Healthy Homes offers free support to help you reduce your fuel bills and make your home more energy efficient. Croydon Council may be able to fund a qualified energy assessor to help you find the best fuel tariffs, and ensure you receive all the support you are entitled to from your energy and water suppliers.  If you own your home or rent from a private sector landlord we can offer advice about accessing grant funding for larger energy efficiency measures.

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Government funding for energy saving home upgrades – “Agility ECO”

Owner Occupiers and private sector landlords in Croydon may be able to access up to £10,000 of grant funding through the government’s Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (LAD) programme. 

This may be available through a partner scheme with Portsmouth City Council and energy efficiency specialists Agility ECO (through its Warmer Homes programme).  

To be eligible for grant funding the owner occupier or tenant’s gross income must not exceed £30,000 – including tax, housing costs and any financial benefits.  The home must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D, E F or G.  The grant funding can be used for:

  • External or internal solid wall insulation for houses.   Please be aware that the £10,000 grant should be able to fully fund solid wall insulation for a 2 storey mid-terraced house, however the cost of solid wall insulation for semi-detached and detached homes is likely to greatly exceed this.
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels – to generate free renewable electricity
  • Air Source Heat Pumps.  These replace your existing heating system and operate like a refrigerator in reverse – taking free, renewable heat energy from the external air, upgrading it and delivering it into your home.  Heat pumps do require electricity to operate, and replacing an existing gas central heating system with a heat pump may increase your heating bills (particularly if your home is not currently well insulated).

For private rental properties, the grant funding available is capped at £5,000, and the landlord will need to meet one third of the total cost of the works.  The income threshold is for the tenant not the landlord

After you apply, a survey will be done of your property to see if it is suitable for the proposed works.  If the property is suitable and the household meets the income eligibility criteria, you will be able to select an accredited installer from a list.   If you do know the EPC rating of your property, an assessment can be done as part of the survey process.

If your property is deemed unsuitable for this funding, Croydon Council will not be able to assist.     

Use this link for more information and to apply online 

If you would to speak to Croydon Council about this grant funding, please contact the Croydon Healthy Homes team.

All installations must be carried out by September 2021, and there is limited funding available.   This Warmer Homes programme is different scheme from the Mayor of London’s scheme with the same name.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and ECO Flex

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is an obligation on energy suppliers aimed at helping households cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by installing energy saving measures. Obligated energy suppliers must fund measures which improve the ability of low income, fuel poor and vulnerable households to heat their homes.  This obligation is aimed at home owners and residents in private sector rental properties.  It is also known as the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO). Energy companies may meet the obligation themselves or provide funding for installers to meet the obligation on their behalf.   

Resident eligibility for support through ECO requires a resident to either meet standard ECO eligibility (receipt of means tested or disability benefits) or the household must meet alternative criteria set by local authorities under what is known as the Local Authority Flexible Eligibility Mechanism (shortened to LA Flex) and more commonly known as ECO Flex.  ECO Flex assessments are only required where a resident does not meet the standard eligibility criteria. 

All applications for support from Croydon Council under ECO Flex must come through the Croydon Healthy Homes service.  In accordance with the Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2018 and associated guidance the decision to issue a declaration is at the sole discretion of the relevant local authority (Croydon Council)

HEAT London (details further down the page) is funded through ECO and the Mayor of London’s Warmer Homes scheme (details further down this page) also uses ECO/ECO Flex eligibility criteria.

Please see guidance document detailing ECO and ECO Flex eligibility 

HEAT London

HEAT London is a partnership of organisations committed to providing the residents of London with a warmer, more efficient and less costly home through energy efficiency measures, managed by Happy Energy Solutions Ltd. HEAT London can help​ through the provision of grants and the installation of:​

  • first time central heating systems
  • loft and cavity wall insulation
  • boiler upgrade grants
  • renewable heating

Grants for HEAT London come from a number of sources, these include funding through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).  Eligibility criteria apply.  You do not always need to be in receipt of means tested benefits to qualify.

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ECO was introduced by the UK government as a mandatory obligation on the largest energy suppliers to provide energy saving assistance to households that may be at risk of fuel poverty.  You may wish to contact your own energy supplier who may also be able to provide ECO support.

Warmer Homes

This scheme is not currently accepting new applications.

If you're a homeowner on a means tested benefit, a disability benefit, or on a lower income you may be eligible for up to £4000 grant for energy improvements to your home through the Mayor of London’s Warmer Homes scheme.  Retrofit coordinators funded through the scheme will project management the fitting of the measures.  The energy improvements funded through the scheme include:

  • Wall and loft insulation
  • First time central heating
  • Boiler upgrades
  • Solar PV panels (electrically heated properties only)
  • Heating control upgrades

Private tenants who meet the eligibility criteria may be eligible for some of the energy improvements, with the consent of their landlord.  

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Both Warmer Homes and HEAT London are delivered by Happy Energy Solutions Ltd, and have the same eligibility criteria.  Happy Energy will use funding from both Warmer Homes and HEAT London to maximise the grant funding available to a household.  Please only apply to one of the schemes.

Apply through Croydon Healthy Homes and our energy assessors can support your application. 
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Big London Energy Switch

The Big London Energy Switch uses the collective buying power of customers to get energy companies to compete to win customers by offering them the lowest gas and electricity prices. When you register for the Big London Energy Switch you are joining up with other Londoners and people across the country who want to reduce their bills. Through the scheme energy companies offer tariffs which are lower than tariffs available elsewhere (including those on price comparison websites).

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Energy events

Information about events where you can find out more about Croydon Healthy Homes and receive advice about your energy bills and reducing energy in your home is available on our energy events page.

Croydon Energy Loans

Croydon Energy Loans are designed to improve the energy efficiency of dwellings and assist vulnerable clients who may be in fuel poverty. This can cover provision of a new gas central heating and hot water system. Applicants must be either disabled (and in receipt of a disability related benefit), and/or 60 years of age and over. If over 60 but not disabled then applicants must not have savings exceeding £5,000. The maximum loan amount is £6,000 for new applications (including fees, charges and VAT).

All loan applications should be made through the Staying Put or Croydon Home Improvement Agency using approved contractors. All loans are interest free and will be for the lifetime of the occupant(s) whilst they reside in the property. They will have to be repaid whenever the property is disposed of by sale, assignment, transfer or otherwise.

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Croydon Council’s Staying Put team can be contacted on 020 8760 5505 or 

Energy Savings Trust

For other independent and impartial advice to help you reduce energy consumption in your home and cut your energy bills, visit the Energy Savings Trust website: