London Borough of Croydon

Waste and recycling collection delays - 12 July

There may be temporary delays in waste and recycling collections due to a fire at the Beddington Lane waste facility on 11 July.

If your collection is not completed today, please leave your bins at the front of your property and Veolia will empty them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Problems with My Account waste services  

We're very sorry if you're experiencing problems accessing waste services via My Account, Veolia are working hard to fix this.

Please continue to check access to waste services via My Account, Veolia's technical team hope to have the problems fixed soon. 

Collection dates

Missed collection

If we miss your collection, check your collection day before reporting online within two working days.

Report missed collections through My Account. Reports made after two days won’t be picked up, you will need to wait until the bin is next due to be collected, or make your own arrangements at a recycling site.

House collections

Food Waste

  • Food waste is collected weekly.
  • You can put any food waste that you don't compost at home, such as meat, bones, fish and cooked food in the caddy.

Find out more about food waste services.


  • Collected weekly with recycling wheelie bins.
  • Put old clothes and pairs of shoes in a tied bag on top of or next to your recycling wheelie bins.

You can report a missed textile collection via our Environmental Team on 020 8726 6200 (Lines are open Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm) or send us a message.


  • Collected weekly with recycling wheelie bins.
  • Put old batteries in an un-tied bag on top of or next to your recycling wheelie bins.

Recycling wheelie bins

  • Put your blue lidded wheelie bin out the same week as your landfill bin. Your  other grey wheelie bin will be collected the next week.
  • Blue-lidded wheelie bin is for paper and card.
  • Grey wheelie bin (previously your old landfill bin)  is for plastic, glass, tins and cartons.

Find out more about recycling services.

General waste bin (non-recyclables)

  • Put your landfill bin out every other week. 
  • We will only collect what is contained within a closed bin.
  • Use it for household rubbish which cannot be recycled.

Cold fire ash should be bagged, and no household electrical items should be placed within the bin.

Estates and flats collections

Estates and blocks of flats with more than five homes usually have recycling facilities in or near the bin sheds. There may also be a neighbourhood recycling site nearby

Food Waste

Find out more about food waste services.


Find out more about recycling services for flats and estates.



Take old clothes and pairs of shoes to your local household reuse and recycling centre.

Bins for new properties

New builds and house conversions will need to contact us to buy or hire bins from the council. It is the responsibility of the managing agent / developer / owner to arrange for bins to be delivered. Please give a month’s notice for delivery.

The bin is the property of Croydon Council so when you move house, you must leave the bin at the property for the next resident.

Negative behaviour

People delivering council services should be treated with courtesy and respect. Read about our Customer Commitment.


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