Apply for assisted bin collections

When you apply for this service, we may ask you for proof that you are eligible.

There are 2 ways to apply for assisted collections:

  1. Use My Account - rubbish and recycling
  2. Send us a message to request assisted collections
    1. Select Bins waste and recycling (including garden waste) from the list under 'What would you like to contact us about?'
    2. Select Request assisted collections from the list under 'What is your enquiry?'

What happens next

If your application for an assisted collection is approved, we will visit you to agree where your bins should be placed. 

We will provide this service for a fixed period of time. After this time, we may ask you to reapply so we can make sure you're still eligible. We may withdraw this service at any time if we believe you are no longer eligible.

Set your address and check your collection days

You will be also able to set your address and check your collection days online.

Your collection days are also available in My Account - rubbish and recycling.

If you live in a shared block of flats

We do not provide assisted collections if you live in a shared block of flats. Instead, contact your managing agent, caretaker or cleaner for help taking your waste to shared bins.

Report a problem

If your assisted collection is missed, or you have any other problem with the collection, let us know by: