Fixed penalty notices for environmental crimes

Fixed penalty notices can be issued for environmental offences, including dropping litter, fly-tipping and breaching public space protection orders. Find out how to pay and appeal a fine.

Appealing against a fixed penalty notice

How can I appeal against a fixed penalty notice?

It should be noted that there are no formal grounds of appeal against a fixed penalty notice. This is because a fixed penalty notice is an invitation for you to discharge your liability to prosecution by payment of the full amount of the penalty. In essence this means that whilst this is not an admission of your guilt, you do agree that an offence has been committed and that by paying the sum of money specified that no further action will be taken by or on behalf of the council.

This method of dealing with the penalty will save time and money for all involved including the offender. If a court case is pursued to recover a fine and associated costs are imposed, the total amount could become significantly higher.

But I don't agree with the fine, what can I do?

As previously stated there is no formal right to appeal, however the council does allow for representation to be made in writing via our online fixed penalty notice representation form. Please ensure you provide a full explanation of why you don't agree that you committed the offence.

On receipt of your representation, the adjudication officer will send you an acknowledgment letter.

Once a decision has been made you will be notified in writing of the outcome.

If your representation is upheld no further action will be taken and you will receive no further documentation from us. If your representation is rejected you will be expected to pay the outstanding penalty amount within seven days of the date of the letter.

The fixed penalty offers you the opportunity to discharge any liability for conviction for the offence; if you pay the fine within the deadline specified you will not receive a criminal record.