London Borough of Croydon

Teacher information services & information

  • Appointment of experienced teachers

    Teaching vacancies, information for teachers interested in returning to the profession and guidance for overseas trained teachers.

  • Croydon religious education

    Every local education authority (LEA) is required by law to have a standing advisory council on religious education (SACRE).

  • Appointment of overseas trained teachers

    Overseas trained teachers are welcomed to apply for any job advertised by the Croydon local education authority. However, if the teachers do not have qualified teacher status (QTS), they can be employed on the unqualified teacher pay scale.

  • Newly qualified teachers (NQTs)

    Information for primary and secondary newly qualified teachers.

  • Schools

    An overview of local schools, benefits of teaching in Croydon, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and teacher case studies.

  • Training to be a teacher

    Different training routes and ways of gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).