Governance referendum 7 October 2021

Information for campaigners

Registering as a campaigner or campaign group

Individuals, groups of individuals or organisations can campaign for a particular outcome in relation to the question to be asked in the local government referendum.  

There is no provision in the legislation to require individuals or organisations to register as campaigners or campaign groups in a local government referendum.

However, individual campaigners and campaign groups are strongly encouraged to register with the Counting Officer. This will enable us to communicate with you before, during, and after the referendum campaign on matters affecting the conduct of the campaign and to ensure that requests to attend postal vote opening sessions and the verification and count are considered and determined by the Counting Officer. 

Failure to register as campaigners or campaign groups with the Counting Officer could adversely impact your ability to attend these various stages of the referendum process.

Campaign expenses

Campaign expenses are defined in the legislation as expenses incurred by or on behalf of any individual or body during the referendum period for referendum purposes. 

A “campaign organiser” is defined in the legislation as “the individual or body by whom, or on whose behalf, referendum expenses are incurred (including expenses treated as incurred) in connection with a referendum campaign.”

A campaign organiser must record any relevant expenses incurred during the referendum period, which commences formally on the publication date of the notice of referendum (15 July 2021) and ends on polling day (7 October 2021). 

There is no legal requirement for campaign organisers to submit their records of referendum expenses to the Counting Officer but there is a legal responsibility campaign organisers and individual campaigners to comply with the limitations of expenditure. 

Allegations of expenditure which totals more than what is prescribed in the legislation must be made to the Police who will refer to the Director of Public Prosecutions for investigation.

A form has been produced for campaigners to assist with the recording of expenditure incurred; this can be obtained from the electoral services team at

Referendum expenses limit 

The total referendum expenses (including notional expenses) incurred by or on behalf of an individual or body conducting a campaign to promote a particular outcome in relation to the question being asked at the referendum must not exceed the referendum expenses limit.

“Referendum expenses limit” is the aggregate of £2,362 and the amount found by multiplying by 5.9 pence the number of entries in the relevant local government electoral register in effect on the day on which the referendum period begins (15 July 2021).

The registered electorate figure on 15 July was 278,337.
Therefore the referendum expenses limit is £2,362 + (278,337 x 5.9p = £16,422) = £18,783

To register as a campaigner or campaign group or for more information regarding expenses please contact:

Seth Alker
Head of Electoral Services
Town Hall
Katharine Street

Direct line: 020 8604 7469


Or download the Information for Campaigner guidance