London Borough of Croydon

Funding services & information

  • Croydon Green Fund

    The council’s Green Fund provides funding support for projects, activities and initiatives that promote environmental protection, green living and a sustainable lifestyle in Croydon.

  • Current funding opportunities

    Current funding opportunities for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. Including  Open4Croydon and One Croydon Alliance 

  • Community Grants

    Grants of up to £15,000 are available to support Croydon's Community Strategy

  • Community Fund

    The Community Fund programme. The Community Fund is worth £2.6m per annum and organisations can bid for up to 3 years of funding to deliver valuable services across the borough. From June 6th, we will be accepting bids from voluntary groups that exceed £15k per annum. Bids for under £15k can be submitted from Sep 1st.

  • The Cultural Patnership fund

    Croydon Council is keen to see more cultural projects, programmes and events taking place across the borough and more funding for culture coming in from other third party funders. Find Out about funding opprtunies and apply for funding

  • Nature Conservation Fund

    How not-for-profit groups can apply to the Nature Conservation Fund for grants

  • Youth Arts Fund

    Croydon has one of the largest populations of under 25s in London and we are keen to see more cultural projects, programmes and events taking place in the borough organised by and for young people. See this page for information about grants available and how to apply.