London Borough of Croydon

Community advice and funding services & information

  • Community strategy

    Our sustainable community strategy sets out our priorities for developing and maintaining Croydon as an attractive place to live, work and visit.

  • Discretionary rate relief

    How not-for-profit organisations funded by Croydon Council can apply for discretionary date relief.

  • Voluntary sector sign-up form

    A fast and convenient way to receive updates on your chosen topics.

  • Community ward budgets

    Ward budgets are a dedicated and flexible resource that councillors can use to support specific local issues and priorities financially. The funds are intended to encourage resident-led activities that are independent and self-sustaining.

  • Community ward budgets for each ward

    Details of each ward budget and how to apply.

  • Funding

    Current funding opportunities for not-for-profit organisations and Community groups. This includes information on Community Grants and the Community Fund

  • Asset based community development

    Strengthening communities through recognising, identifying and harnessing existing assets.

  • Credit unions

    Credit unions offer convenient savings and low-interest loans to their members, who own and manage the credit unions themselves.

  • Localism Act

    The Localism Act sets out a programme of change which the government believes will transfer power from centralised government to local people on many things which directly affect their lives.

  • Community asset transfers

    How community organisations can bid for council buildings and land that are put forward for transfer.

  • Rent subsidy scheme

    Rent subsidy benefits a range of organisations including sports clubs, scouts associations, residents associations, youth and community centres as well as larger Voluntary and Community Sector organisations.

  • Support from VCS Infrastructure Organisations

    These infrastructure organisations provide advice and support to front line Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations in Croydon.