Internet and mobile connectivity

High-speed broadband for Croydon

We all want faster, more reliable broadband, so we’re working with several ultrafast network providers to install fibre infrastructure in council blocks and estates to enable broadband speeds of up to up to 1GB to 97% of social housing in the borough.

We have introduced:

  • full fibre Community Fibre broadband Wi-Fi in the communal lounges of sheltered accommodation blocks and community centres
  • internet hotspots to households with school-age children without internet access

Surveys started in autumn 2019 and the first installations during winter 2019. We have made good progress and all blocks and estates were completed by winter 2021.

If you have any queries about works happening where you live, contact the network provider directly:

As the network infrastructure improves across the borough, businesses and those living in private properties will also be able to benefit and have the ability to sign up and access the faster internet speeds.

Getting the best broadband deal

You’re under no obligation to sign up to the network providers working in your area. If you’re happy with your current service, you can continue with them.

It’s up to you to make sure you get the best deal for your broadband, so be sure to research the options in your area. You can run a speed test for your address.

Broadband social tariffs

If you are on Universal Credit or receive a different form of financial support, you may be eligible for an offer for cheaper broadband, known as a social tariff. Here are some examples:


Name of product


Virgin Media

Essential Broadband



Home Essential


Community Fibre

Covid-19 recovery


Talk Talk

Connecting Jobseekers (Speak to your local job centre for more information)

Funded through Job Centre.

Mobile technology

Croydon has taken exciting steps towards world-class mobile connectivity by becoming the first council in the UK to offer a non-exclusive, open access approach to telecoms operators, following government guidance.

The open access, non-exclusive approach championed by Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) enables Croydon to work with multiple telecoms operators and all mobile networks to bring customers better and faster 4G coverage throughout Croydon.

The deployment of this digital infrastructure across the borough will put Croydon at the forefront of connectivity by improving the quality of service provided by 4G, with faster speed and greater capacity. It will also facilitate the rapid rollout of 5G when it arrives in the UK.

Enhancing mobile and broadband connectivity across the borough is essential to support greater productivity for local companies, more employment opportunities and attracting new business.