Credit unions

Credit unions offer convenient savings and low-interest loans to their members, who own and manage the credit unions themselves.

The 3 main aims of a credit union are:

  • to encourage its members to save regularly
  • to provide loans to members at very low rates of interest
  • to provide members with help and support on managing their financial affairs

How they work

The members make regular savings, as little or as much as they wish. These savings form a common pool of money from which loans are made to members. When members have been saving for a certain period of time (usually about 12 weeks) they can apply for a loan from the pool. Interest on the loan is charged at low rates.

Who can join a credit union

People who join a credit union must belong to what is called a common bond. This could be that you live in a specific area, you work for a particular employer, or that you are a member of a club or association.

Credit unions welcome everybody from within the common bond regardless of income, employment status or age.

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Credit unions have to be registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and they are covered by the Credit Union Act 1979.