Asset based community development

Strengthening communities through recognising, identifying and harnessing existing assets.

What is asset based community development?

Asset based community development (ABCD) is a localised and bottom-up way of strengthening communities through recognising, identifying and harnessing existing 'assets' (i.e. things like skills, knowledge, capacity, resources, experience or enthusiasm) that individuals and communities have which can help to strengthen and improve things locally. Instead of looking at what a community needs or lacks, the approach focuses on utilising the 'assets' that are already there.

The approach facilitates the empowerment of individuals and communities by helping them to identify and share their strengths and then work together to create their own social innovations.

Pilot project

In the autumn of 2012, Croydon Council and our local strategic partners commissioned a targeted ABCD pilot project in the wards of Broad Green, Selhurst and Thornton Heath. Our voluntary sector partners, Community Voluntary Action (CVA), the Asian Resource Centre and Gingerbread Corner led on this, with mentoring, support and guidance from national experts Nurture Development.

Download a copy of the report and summary report for the pilot project as well as some further information and case studies.


ABCD information and case study (PDF, 565.9KB)

Asset based community development - Full report (PDF, 560.3KB)

Asset based community development - Report summary (PDF, 165.4KB)