London Borough of Croydon

Licence summary

Premises offering special treatments such as massage, acupuncture, manicure, piercing and tattooing, sauna and light, electric or vapour treatments must have a licence.

Eligibility criteria

Download the A to Z list at the bottom of the page for a full list of beauty treatments which require a licence.

Members of some professional associations and organisations are exempt from special treatment licensing. A list of exempted bodies and treatments is in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

Legislation summary

London Local Authorities Act 1991 and 2000.

How to apply

If you are applying for a new licence or are renewing your licence, complete the application form in the downloads section and send it to the licensing team at the address below, with a copy of the relevant qualifications of each therapist that carries out treatments at the premises. Download the guidance note at the bottom of this page, for more information.

A list of accredited training establishments that carry out accredited NVQ training can be downloaded below.

Licenses are issued up to 31 March, regardless of their start date, and are then renewed annually.


Special treatment licence fees

Part A

Application fee

Part B

Grant fee


New licence
















Add or remove a tattooist or piercer




Request for duplicate operative/treatment provider ID badge
(where lost or misplaced)




Application evaluation process

Once your application is received, a licensing officer will contact you to make arrangements to carry out an inspection of your premises.

The inspection will be to ensure that the premises meet the standards in the licensing conditions. View the licencing conditions in the downloads section.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent does not apply. Your licence will only be issued to you when all the necessary inspections or checks have been carried out and the premises meets the required standards.

The licence may also list additional site specific conditions.

Variation of a licence

A variation to your licence is required if your premises alters from the original plans submitted or new treatments or operatives are requested to be added to your licence. Any alteration to the original application may incur a variation fee.

Tattooist and piercers

If you are the licensee of a premises offering tattooing or body piercing and you take on a new tattooist or body piercer or a guest artist you must apply to vary your licence at a cost of £56.

A separate tattooist and piercing application form must be completed for each individual.

Renewal of a licence

If you already hold a licence you will automatically be sent a renewal letter approximately 1 month before the expiry date.

Pay online

Pay the renewal fee online

Pay by telephone

Call 020 8760 5466 to pay by credit or debit card,

Failed application redress

Any person who is refused a licence can appeal to Croydon Magistrates Court, Barclay Road, Croydon CR9 3NG.

Licence holder redress

Any licence holder who objects to any of the licensing conditions attached to a licence may appeal to Croydon Magistrates Court, Barclay Road, Croydon CR9 3NG.

Consumer complaint

We advise that in the event of a complaint you first make contact with the trader, if you are not satisfied with their response, contact the licensing team using the details below.

Other redress

Contact the licensing team using the details below.

Trade associations

COVID-19 information

COVID-19 traders fact sheet



020 8760 5466
Address Line:

Croydon Council, Licensing Team

6th Floor, Zone A

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk

Croydon CR0 1EA


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