Example support calculations

We have prepared some examples to help explain how the new Council Tax support calculations are made.

Weekly wage with child support

Miss J lives in a band A property. She earns £320 and receives £21.15 in child support.

We ignore the child support amount and apply the percentage only to her wage.

Based on this case it’s 20% of £28.71 (the weekly Council Tax amount), so we provide £5.74 in Council Tax support.

Universal Credit 

Mr and Mrs X live in a band B property, their Council Tax is £33.50 per week. They receive universal credit of £1400 per month, this is made up of:

  • £525 personal element
  • £585 in housing element
  • £290 in child element

We do not count the amount they are getting for their housing element and use the remaining monthly figure of £815 to calculate the support amount.

This works out to £188.08 per week, so they receive 40% in Council Tax support. In this case we provide £13.40 per week towards their Council Tax.

Disability claims with one person working

Mr and Mrs M live in a band D property, so their Council Tax is £43.07 per week. Mr M receives disability benefit and is not working. Mrs M works and brings home £260 per week.

We ignore the first £50 of Mrs M's income, so she falls into a lower earnings band.

This means we provide a higher percentage of support (40%), providing £17.23 per week towards their Council Tax.