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Vehicle tax disc

If you want to check whether a car is taxed you can check here:

The abandoned vehicle section cannot deal with cars that are taxed, by law they cannot be considered abandoned unless they are for example, burnt out.

Please use the link above to check the tax status before reporting.


All vehicles that are considered to be abandoned are dealt with using the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 and the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 which contain relevant legislation which is used to remove abandoned vehicles from both public highway and private land.

The complete process take 3 – 4 weeks to complete and remove the vehicles.

First visit

  • Enforcement officer visits the vehicle to confirm that in their opinion the vehicle has been abandoned.
  • Photographs and a site visit report are made during this visit.
  • If the vehicle is suspected as being abandoned, the officer will affix a self adhesive seven day notice on the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is a wreck or is a clear health and safety risk to everybody then the visiting officer can immediately order the vehicle to be removed for disposal.

Second visit

  • If the vehicle has not moved within the period of the seven day notice, and no response has been received for the letter of enquiry, then the vehicle will be marked for collection and subsequent disposal by the council's authorised contractor after this date.

Untaxed vehicles

Croydon Council no longer enforces legislation related to untaxed vehicles.

Untaxed vehicles can be reported:

Report it

Report an abandoned vehicle via My Account - registering for My Account will allow you to see all of your reporting information, and dealings with the council in one place.

You can also download our Don't Mess with Croydon app to report an abandoned vehicle straight to the relevant team. 

Lost and stolen

  • Before any vehicle is sent for disposal or sold, all abandoned vehicles are checked with the police to ensure that they are not lost or stolen.

Abandoned vehicles on private land

For vehicles that have been abandoned on private land of any description (including private estates, housing land, car parks, driveways etc.)

The Council offers a service for £99 per vehicle where we will: investigate ownership, serve appropriate notices and - if no owner can be traced - we then remove the vehicle at no further charge.

Customers must send a cheque (or payment may be made by credit card) with covering letter giving permission for the Council to act, to:

AVS - Neighbourhood Safety Team
1st Floor
Public Realm Office
Stubbs Mead
Factory Lane

The procedure for the removal of any vehicle on private land is the same as stated above. In cases where the vehicle has a last known owner who reclaims the vehicle, the landlord is to assume full responsibility for the removal of the abandoned or nuisance vehicle as the council does not have the appropriate powers to resolve such situations.


Abandoned Vehicle Section

020 8255 2718
Address Line:

AVS - Neighbourhood Safety Team

1st Floor, Public Realm Office

Stubbs Mead

Factory Lane