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Junior travel ambassadors (JTA) encourages peer-to-peer engagement to promote safer, active and independent travel within the school community in a fun and engaging way. The JTA scheme gives pupils all the support and resources they need to spread important messages while building skills for life.

An important part of JTAs' work is to promote independent travel to Year 6 pupils and their parents as they prepare to start secondary school; in many cases travelling independently for the first time. This will include running projects and schemes to share ideas on travel planning and teaching pupils how to use resources such as TfL's journey planner.

Through the implementation of the JTA scheme, you will find that your school will meet various criteria for STARS Accreditation, TfL's School Travel Plan (STP) accreditation programme. More information on STARS can be found on their website.

Most of Croydon’s school are operating the JTA scheme and the borough leads on multiple competitions throughout the academic year, such as Brighten you Bag – see the bottom of this page for the 2017 poster.

You can download a copy of the JTA guidance at the bottom of this page. To request JTA branded resources, contact a member of the team stating: (bullet points) your school, who the JTA co-ordinator is and their contact e-mail address, how many sets of equipment you need. Please note that lost/damaged equipment will not be replaced.

To request JTA branded resources, please contact a member of the team stating:

  • your school
  • who the JTA co-ordinator is
  • JTA co-ordinator's email address
  • how many JTAs you have / plan on recruiting.

You can download all guidance for JTA's here or download each term's guidance below.


Lewis Campbell

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School road safety and travel plan officer
020 8726 6000 ext. 62013


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