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Driving in snowy conditions

Being aware of weather conditions and checking the forecast is an important part of planning your journey. The weather can have a serious impact on your journey time, so you may have to leave earlier, decide to take another route or even not to travel at all.

The Met Office has the latest warnings for severe weather conditions. In the UK, we experience a wide range of weather conditions that can change quickly. Be ready to adjust your driving to suit the conditions. It can take 10 times longer to stop if roads are slippery. Slow down and allow more space for stopping.

Top tips

In hazardous wintry conditions the best advice is, if at all possible, to stay off the roads and pavements. If your journey is vital, you should think about the following points:

  • drivers must take additional care in winter conditions
  • allow more time for your journey
  • slow down
  • increase your braking distance
  • be aware that parts of your route may not have been treated
  • keep all lights on your vehicle clean and working
  • check screen washers and wipers
  • make sure you have anti-freeze in your radiator
  • de-ice and clean mirrors
  • check your tyres are properly inflated
  • check the weather forecast before you start any journey
  • if conditions are bad, ask yourself if journey is really necessary