London Borough of Croydon

Priority red routes are a London-wide network of strategic roads that have red coloured lines meaning "no stopping".

In Croydon the roads covered by these restrictions are the A23 and the A232. The "no stopping" restrictions are enforced by the local police traffic wardens - not the council's parking attendants.

The police traffic wardens will issue £100 fines to offenders of the "no stopping" restrictions.

In addition to the red lines, there are red parking bays indicated by red box markings. These mean that parking and/or loading is permitted, usually between 10am and 4pm. There are several different types of red box, some allow short term free parking, others only allow loading and unloading.

Please refer to the restrictions posted on nearby signs.

Special conditions also apply to blue disabled badge holders

In all cases, the rules are clearly shown on the sign next to the parking box.

White parking bays on red routes mean that loading, unloading and parking are permitted within the white box markings at any time of day. Once again, the rules are clearly shown on the nearby signs.

For more information about red routes please see the Transport for London (TfL) website.