London Borough of Croydon

You can apply to the council for permission to have a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) installed on the road next to your property.

This is sometimes referred to as vehicle access over the footway.

Approval from the council is required to create an access to a property by lowering kerbs at the edge of a road. Approval from the council is not required for crossovers on private roads (unadopted roads).

Making a dropped kerb application - residential properties only

It is the responsibility of the property owner to apply for a vehicle crossover. If you are not the property owner, you will need authorisation to apply on their behalf.

You can apply for a dropped kerb online through My Account.

This is for residential properties only.  For businesses and developers, please contact us at

Applications cost £150.

Planning permission

You will require planning permission if the crossover is to be formed within a classified road or conservation area. Check your road against our list.

For more information check the national planning portal and our terms and conditions.

Submitting a planning permission application

If you require planning permission, you will also need to submit a separate planning application, This costs £206.

Your planning application will need to include drawings that show:

  • your proposals meets highway safety requirements
  • the parking space meets the minimum size specifications
  • the appropriate pedestrian visibility is maintained
  • In some cases, your drawings must show that vehicles can enter and leave the site in forward gear with enough visibility.

You can download a diagram showing visibility requirements (the visibility splay).


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