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Coronavirus - As lockdown eases, parking enforcement is being gradually reintroduced from Tuesday 26 May 2020. Pay & display parking machines are being reactivated and payments accepted from Tuesday 26 May & parking permits are starting to be processed from Tuesday 26 May

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area with restricted parking.

The controlled hours are shown on large signs as you enter the zone. All roads where parking is not allowed are marked with yellow lines. 

In some cases restrictions for yellow lines will apply at different times to the CPZ. In these cases the restrictions for both will be shown on separate signs

Check CPZ locations in Croydon

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On-street paid-for parking in a CPZ

Paid-for parking is available in all Croydon's CPZs. Parking is permitted in parking bays which are marked as white boxes. A valid pay and display ticket must be visible on the front windscreen.

You must buy a tickets on arrival from on-street machines. These accept 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins. The machines do not give change. The maximum stay may be 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours, depending on the location. Some bays are for off-peak parking only and are not available during rush hours. Read the sign on the payment machine for details.

You must pay for the full time you expect to stay. You are not allowed to return to your vehicle and buy further time in the same parking place. This offence (contravention) is known as meter-feeding. When you leave you must not return to the same parking place for at least 1 hour.

Free or permit parking places in a CPZ

All parking places in a CPZ are marked as white boxes. They may be free, reserved for permit holders, or shared with permit and pay and display parking. Permit or pay and display parking controls and time limits are shown on the sign next to the parking place. Permits must have the same zone letter as the sign.

If signs show permit holders only, you need a valid permit to park in those spaces. The controlled hours are shown on large signs on all roads entering the CPZ. Parking places begin and end with broken parallel white lines. You must park your entire car within these white lines, or it will be illegally parked. Any yellow line separating 2 or more spaces in a parking place is a loading gap. This means you can load and unload, but not park, during the controlled hours. See parking permits for details on how to apply for a permit.

Bank holidays

Parking charges and restrictions apply on most bank holidays. restrictions do not apply on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day.  

Motorists should always park in a reasonable manner showing consideration to other road users

Further parking information

You can find out more about parking in Croydon by visiting our where you can park and costs section.


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