Parking restrictions

A guide to controlled parking zones (CPZs), yellow lines and other restrictions in Croydon, as well as how to get restrictions lifted temporarily.

Other parking restrictions

You can find road markings guidance on the Highway Code website.

There are other restrictions that mean you can not park your vehicle. These include:

  • motorcycle bays
  • loading bays 
  • taxi ranks
  • doctor parking bays
  • disabled parking bays
  • dropped kerbs and driveways

Other things to avoid

Penalties will be enforced by the council for breaking these rules.

Don't park overhanging a parking bay

Make sure your vehicle is fully contained within the white bay markings. Failure to do so reduces the parking space in neighbouring bays and can obstruct a bordering driveway or junction

Check if you need to pay to park at night

Some council car parks charge overnight as well as during daytime.

Don't park on the pavement or verge

Unless there are clear signs stating you can.

No stopping

"No stopping" signs mean you are not allowed to stop, even to set down or pick up passengers. In Croydon no stopping restrictions apply on all school keep clear markings and bus stops defined with yellow markings. No stopping also applies to all red line markings on the A23 and A232 red routes, enforced by TfL.

Fraudulent use of Blue Badges

We take the issue of Blue Badge fraud seriously. Our civil enforcement officers are trained to identify fraudulent badges and if one is located, the vehicle may be removed. If you suspect that a person is misusing a Blue Badge, you can report it on our suspected misuse or fraud report form.