How to report fly-tipping, how we clear up and prosecute fly-tipping and how to report abandoned shopping trolleys.

An area that is heavily littered or fly-tipped gives the perception of increased crime levels and safety concerns. It also encourages others to dump their rubbish there. Fly-tipping costs hundreds of thousands of pounds in clearance charges each year - money that ultimately comes out of council tax payers' pockets. Don't (allow others to) mess with Croydon. Take pride in your area.

Reporting a fly-tip

We have made it easy for you to report a fly-tip with Our Love Clean Streets App.

Love Clean Streets App

You can also call the environmental team on 020 8726 6200 (option 1 for fly-tipping) or download our Don't Mess with Croydon app to report fly-tipping straight to the relevant team from your phone.

If you see a fly-tip take place

We know it is only a small minority of people who don't take care of our borough. We rely on your help to bring prosecutions and stop those who continue to mess with Croydon, please help us by reporting enviro-crimes.
If you see someone fly-tipping and are able to identify them or a vehicle is being used to transport the waste, make a note of:

  • how many people are involved and what they look like
  • what has been tipped – how much and what it looks like
  • details of any vehicles involved including make, colour and registration number

Report the fly-tip using these steps:

  1. Don't touch the waste - it may contain syringes, toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances.
  2. Don't disturb the site - there may be evidence that could help identify the fly-tippers and lead to their prosecution.
  3. Visually try to work out what the waste consists of and how much there is.
  4. Make a note of the day, date and time you saw the tipping, its exact location and whether it’s in or near water.
  5. Take photos if it's safe and possible to do so.
  6. If you have witnessed the offence, have information and evidence set out in the above points and you are prepared to provide a witness statement.  Email the location, photos/evidence and your contact details to

Remember that fly-tippers are doing something illegal. Be very careful – they are unlikely to welcome people observing them or taking notes or photographs.

Clearing fly-tips

We aim to resolve reported issues within 2 working days. In some instances, it may take longer to resolve; for example if it is on private land and access is required.

The council will only clear up fly-tips on public or council-owned land.

Clearing fly-tipping from private land is the responsibility of the landowner. If you need our help, we will charge you for the service. If you are responsible for land or are a private landowner, you must ensure that your land is as secure as is practically possible. Penalties for fly-tipping will apply if you allow someone to fly-tip on your land.

Abandoned shopping trolleys

We do not collect abandoned shopping trolleys as flytips as they are the property of the retailer. If you need to report an abandoned shopping trolley, contact the retailer directly, or report to Trolleywise by phone on 0800 316 1241, email or visit You can also report via the free Trolleywise mobile phone app.

Prosecutions and legal action

Fly-tipping is illegal. Dumping waste illegally is a serious criminal offence

Environmental Protection Act 1990); it carries a fine of up to £50,000 (unlimited if the case goes to the Crown Court) and you could also face a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Vehicles and fly-tipping

Reports of vehicles used for fly-tipping are investigated by our environmental enforcement officers. We aim to trace and prosecute the registered owner of all vehicles involved in this act. The police and our environmental enforcement officers have the power to seize, impound and crush any vehicle used for fly-tipping. Both the driver and the owner of the vehicle can be prosecuted for the offence.

If your vehicle has been seized and you wish to claim it back, you will need to provide documentation as listed in the seizure notice you will have received (see examples in the download section below). Your vehicle can be disposed of within 15 days of its seizure if you do not make a claim for it.

Have you checked?

By giving your waste to someone else, who then goes on to dump it as a fly-tip, you could be held responsible and face prosecution for fly-tipping if you haven’t checked that the company or person has a licence to carry waste. Always ask to see their licence to ensure that your waste is being taken by a licensed waste carrier.

You can email for details of registered waste carriers.

Don't mess with Croydon: take pride.


Vehicle seizure notice WJ05 EYG (PDF, 78KB)



Report fly-tipping

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