London Borough of Croydon

The Croydon local plan: strategic policies, formerly known as the core strategy, was adopted on 22 April 2013 by Full Council.  All planning applications will be considered by the council against the Croydon local plan: strategic policies, as part of the borough's development plan. When thinking about a new proposal for development in the borough, the overall development plan should be considered. This comprises Croydon local plan:  strategic policies, the Mayor's London plan, the saved policies from Croydon's unitary development plan (UDP) of 2006 and the South London waste plan.

The strategic policies are the first part of the Croydon local plan (with detailed policies and proposals to follow). They provide the strategic direction and support the plan's vision for enabling future development in the borough from now until 2031, in terms of homes, shops, jobs, schools, hospitals, leisure and recreation. The Croydon local plan: strategic policies, which is a development plan document (DPD), also includes policy for the protection and conservation of our natural and built environment and how we respond locally to the impacts of climate change.

A review of the minimum requirement for affordable housing set out in Policy SP2.4 of the strategic policies has been carried out and published as part of the Croydon Monitoring Report. Full details of the changes to the minimum requirement can be found in the Croydon Monitoring Report – Minimum Requirement for Affordable Housing outside the Croydon Opportunity Area.

Croydon's spatial planning team has already started preparing the second part of the Croydon local plan: detailed policies and proposals (CLP2), and once adopted the saved policies of the UDP will no longer apply.

The Croydon local plan: strategic policies, and the policies maps are available to download below.

The Inspector’s report, main modifications and sustainability appraisal report are also available to download below.


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