London Borough of Croydon

The Croydon Place Review Panel (PRP) is an independent, multidisciplinary and expert panel that provides advice on projects relating to all aspects of Croydon’s built environment, including the following:

  • major development schemes undergoing a pre-application process and part of significant regeneration and growth of the borough
  • infrastructure and highways schemes
  • parks
  • street furniture
  • public realm
  • public art projects
  • civic spaces

The PRP reviews large, complex and/or strategic schemes early in the pre-application process. Follow up and post application reviews may be recommended depending on the complexity and impact of the proposals. The PRP will provide an important quality check and often act as a gateway to the Planning Committee. Details about how the PRP fits into the pre-application and application process are in the Pre-app customer advice note.

The NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework), Farrell Review and best practice guidance by professional institutions (eg RIBA, RTIP, LI, CABE) advise that local planning authorities should have local design/place reviews such as the PRP. They show that early reviews save costs, reduce negotiation times and enhance the quality of designs and places.

The panel helps enhance Croydon’s built environment create an attractive destination for London and the south east. It supports the council's commitment to ensure development leaves a legacy of vibrant places and design that will be loved and admired by residents and visitors alike.


Ruth Coulson

Job Title: 
Senior Project Officer

Anisha Jogani

Job Title: 
Team Leader

Tom Selby

Job Title: 
Deputy Team Leader


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