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Explore Selsdon Neighbourhood Walk

Selsdon began life as a large farm and manor set in woodland. The area changed rapidly in the early 20th century when it was developed for housing, but in 1931 local environmentalists and Councils raised funds to preserve 61 acres of woodland habitat - Littleheath Woods. This walk explores the tranquil woodland and takes in historic architecture, telling the story of Selsdon’s transformation from hillside to high street.

Explore Selsdon Neighbourhood Walk (print) (PDF, 2.10MB)

Explore Selsdon Neighbourhood Walk (read online) (PDF, 2.9MB)

About the Explore Selsdon Neighbourhood Walk

Distance: 1.5 miles 
Time: 45 minutes 
The walk includes one steep hill

Addington Village Heritage Walk

Dating back to at least Anglo-Saxon times, Addington is an ancient manorial estate and one of the oldest settlements in the borough of Croydon. Its prestigious ownership – especially by the Archbishops of Canterbury – is reflected in the quality of the historic buildings and surrounding green space. The quaint village retains its historic character and rural charm. 

This walk guides you through the historic village, using key buildings to explain the area’s history. The area’s special architectural and historic interest is recognised by being a conservation area.

Addington Village Heritage Walk (print) (PDF, 1.17MB)

Addington Village Heritage Walk (read online) (PDF, 1.17MB)

About the Addington Village Heritage Walk

Distance: 0.6 mile 
Time: 45 minutes (walking time 15 minutes) 
The walk includes one steep hill