Our planning enforcement team investigates breaches of planning control across the borough.

Report a breach

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Before you start

To report a breach you will need:

  • The address where the breach has occurred
  • Supporting evidence of the breach (such as photos)
  • You can also give your name and address to get notified of any developments.

Enforcing regulations

For more information on how we enforce planning regulations, download our customer advice note

Planning enforcement register

You can search for and view previous enforcement actions that we have taken on the planning enforcement register.

Please note that this register only contains details of cases where formal action has been taken. It does not include all received complaints that are still under investigation

How to appeal against an enforcement notice

You have the right of appeal against an enforcement notice (but not a breach of condition notice). Visit the Planning Portal for information about making an enforcement appeal.

If you make an appeal, the enforcement notice will not come into effect until the appeal has been decided on.


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