Introduction to building control

Find out how building control makes sure building work is safe and meets legal standards and search building control records.

Building control ensures that what's built is structurally safe and meets the minimum technical standards in relation to health and safety, energy performance and accessibility for people with disabilities. Planning permission ensures the right thing is built in the right place.

If you're planning any building work, you must make sure it meets the minimum standard set out in the building regulations on GOV.UK.

Whether you need building regulations approval or not, check if you also need planning permission.


For more information on extensions, please see the  homeowner's guide to extending your living space.   

Search building control records 

You can view full plans, building notices and regularisation applications (when someone applies for approval for unapproved work that has already been completed) across Croydon.

Search now

You can search by address, application number, type of work, or a combination of these. To search by reference number, use the full number with all slashes and 0s.

Only basic information is given as building control information is not publicly available. 

Complete records are only available from 2000.

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For help and advice, please contact the building control team.