Broad Green CHN: Parsons Mead Area

Existing and proposed changes to the Broad Green Healthy Neighbourhood in the Parsons Mead Area.

This page provides information on the existing and proposed changes to the Broad Green Croydon Healthy Neighbourhood (CHN) in  Parsons Mead 

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The updated schemes respond directly to feedback from residents asking for improved warning signs. The experimental schemes  became  operational from 30 September 2022 running  for up to 18 months, with a decision on their future taken before the end of that period. During the first 6 months, objections to the scheme can be formally submitted

Broad Green Healthy Neighbourhood: Parsons Mead

The previous temporary Broad Green  Healthy Neighbourhood CHN in Parsons Mead  was  improved to make the scheme more accessible to residents, emergency services and other motorists with agreed permits and exemptions.

The previous road closure (enforced by planters) was  removed and replaced with ’No Motor Vehicle’ restrictions and signs. Vehicles that are not exempt may not drive through . To ensure the restriction points are kept clear of parked vehicles to allow vehicle turning, short lengths of yellow line 'No Parking' restrictions were introduced.

All properties and streets within the neighbourhood remain accessible for those motorists without an agreed permit/exemption, however this may be via an alternative route.

Local residents are able to apply for a permit for up to three vehicles, the CHN map accessible via the link a little further down this webpage shows the permit zone. Exemptions will be made for some vehicles such as buses, black taxis, local school staff, blue badge holders and designated carers.

For enquiries relating to permits and exemptions only please email

Details of the planned modified scheme can be found in the map below:

Download the Parsons Mead Area CHN map (PDF, 4.4MB)

Next steps

The trial measures have been implemented using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) for up to a maximum period of 18 months. As the name suggests, following implementation by 30 September 2022, the effects of the experiment are being monitored.   During the experiment we will be talking with and listening to local people.

More detail on the planned monitoring and listening will be published here shortly.
When making ETROs, the first 6 months is a period of ‘statutory consultation’ during which anyone affected by the experimental scheme can submit an objection to the scheme being made permanent. All objections received during that 6 month statutory period will be considered, together with our findings from listening and the monitoring, along with other matters, before taking a decision to either remove the scheme in its entirety or to keep it in place. An option to amend the scheme also exists but depending on the level of amendment this could require a further consultation period.


Public engagement events are planned for  February , March and April 2023 to seek the views of residents,  and to learn about their experiences during the first months of the Experimental scheme. 

Drop in sessions

 Broad green Library, 89 Canterbury Rd, CR0 3HH on  2 an 6 March between 5pm and 8pm 

Street audits

Street Audits with residents March,  if you wish to take part please contact us : 

Independent Resident survey

Independent Resident survey is planned for April


If you have questions about this scheme please contact us:


020 8726 6000
Lines are open between 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

Highway Improvements Team 
6th Floor, Zone C,
Bernard Weatherill House,
8 Mint Walk, 

Depending on the nature of enquiry and due to limited resources it make take longer than usual to respond.