Graffiti refers to any drawings, scribbles, messages or 'tags' that are painted, written or carved on walls and other surfaces. It can attract littering and vandalism, cause residents to lose pride in their area, and make a neighbourhood feel unsafe. Clearing graffiti requires specialist machinery and is expensive.

Prosecutions and legal action

Graffiti is an environmental crime. The law allows our Enforcement Officers to give anyone seen doing graffiti an on-the-spot fine called a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £80. If you are prosecuted in court for graffiti you could receive a maximum fine of up to £2,500, or even a prison term.

Reporting offensive graffiti 

Due to limited resources, the council is only able to prioritise the removal of offensive graffiti.

You can report offensive graffiti online using our graffiti report form.

Start now

Please note:

You will need to include a photograph of the graffiti when you submit the form.

What do we consider to be offensive graffiti?

  • Graffiti using racist or inflammatory words/images
  • Graffiti used as a form of attack against an individual or group of people
  • Graffiti containing swear words
  • Graffiti containing sexually explicit/obscene words or images

How soon will we remove graffiti?

We aim to removed offensive graffiti within 24 hours. In some instances, it may take longer to remove; for example if it is on private land and access is required.