Report potholes and road damage

How to report potholes, damage to roads, and other issues with highways in Croydon.

We aim to resolve reported issues within 10 working days. In some instances, it may take longer to resolve.

Pothole repairs and defects

This includes reports such as broken manhole covers, loose or raised kerbs, damaged verge, cracked or raised paving, damaged posts, and bollards. 

Report potholes and road damage

Drainage and flood management

You can report problems such as street flooding, blocked gullies, or missing gully grating. 

Report a drainage problem


We deal with spillages such as oil, concrete, paint, tar, and other chemicals. 

Report a spillage


You can report obstructions on the highway such as building materials, skips, overhanging vegetation, and other obstructions.

Report an obstruction

Street furniture

Street furniture includes: traffic barriers, benches, bollards, post boxes, phone boxes, traffic lights, road signs, bus stops, grit bins, tram stops, taxi stands, public lavatories, fountains, watering troughs, memorials, and litter bins. 

We aim to resolve reported street furniture issues within 5 working days. In some instances, it may take longer to resolve.

Report a problem with street furniture

In the event of an emergency

In an emergency please contact 0208 726 6000.  

Please report non-emergency defects or reports through the Don’t Mess With Croydon app. These reports are being monitored daily and you will receive a response in due course.

Street lighting problems

  • Report or track a street lighting problem - such as lights not working, or dim/flickering, lights on during day time, light damaged/leaning or graffiti.

Road and pavement problems on red routes (managed by TfL) 

  • Report a problem on a red route - such as road works, road defect, obstruction, dumped rubbish, parking, traffic lights, street lighting, street signs, street furniture, abandoned vehicles.

Highway management

Croydon Council is responsible for the managing and maintaining of the highway assets falling within its 725km of public road network. It is responsible to ensure the highway assets are fit for purpose and able to fulfil their functions in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The highway assets management plan, available to download below, outlines how this is undertaken.

For information on development related works, please contact the Highways Development team using the details below. You can also visit our Highways Development – S278/38 Agreements webpage to read more.


Highways maintenance


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