Motorcycle parking

Motorcycles can park for free in most parking bays. Find locations and further guidance on where to park your bike.

Motorcycles can park for free in any permit or shared-use bay or pay and display only bay. They do not need a permit or pay and display ticket.

They can not park in bays reserved for specific users, such as: 

  • disabled bays
  • doctors bays
  • loading bays

Free on-street motorcycle parking

This is a list of where to find free motorcycle parking bays in Croydon.


  • Addington Road (near Sainsbury's)
  • Bedford Park (near no.4 Bedford Park)
  • Church Street (near Ramsey Court)
  • Edridge Road (near no.3 Edridge Road)
  • Friends Road (near junction with Chatsworth Road)
  • Grant Road (near Regent Place)
  • Heathfield Road (near junction with Coombe Road, or near junction with Ledbury Road)
  • London Road (near junction with Oakfield Road)
  • Mead Place (near junction with Parsons Mead)
  • Mint Walk (near junction with Fell Road)
  • Nova Road (near no.27 Nova Road)
  • Oakfield Road (near no.16 Oakfield Road)
  • Oval Road (near no.50 Oval Road)
  • Ruskin Road (near junction with Tamworth Road)
  • Scarbrook Road (approximately 75 metres west of junction with Surrey Street)
  • Sydenham Road (approximately 40 metres south-west of junction with Bedford Park)
  • West Street (near junction with West Street Place)
  • Beech House Rd (near Keys Court)
  • College Road (near Croydon College)
  • Hathaway Road (near junction with London Road)
  • Masons Avenue (approximately 25m south-west of junction with Edridge Road)
  • Parker Road (near junction with South End)
  • St Georges Walk (near junction with Katharine Street)
  • Walpole Road (near Southern House)
  • Warren Road (near junction with Lower Addiscombe Road)

South Croydon

  • Biddulph Road (near junction with Brighton Road)
  • Moreton Road (near junction with Croham Road)


  • High Street (near no.10 High Street)

South Norwood

  • Oakley Road (near junction with Portland Road)
  • Station Road (near no.8 Station Road)


  • Brighton Road (near the Avenue)
  • Brighton Road (near Lion Green Road)
  • Windermere Road

Upper Norwood

  • Westow Street (near Victory Place)

Car parks

Motorcycle parking is free in council car parks.

All motorcycle bays are for solo motorcycles only.

The following car parks have no designated motorcycle bays. However, you may park your motorcycle in the other bays, with the exception of disabled bays:

  • Jubilee Bridge

The following car parks have designated motorcycles bays:

  • Anne's Place car park
  • Factory Lane car park
  • Purley Multi-storey car park
  • West Croydon car park

Motorcycle parking guidelines

Motorcycles must be parked in a sensible manner that reduces the impact on spaces for other vehicles. For example, where possible park between bays or at the end of bays.

Motorcyclists should park in a bay at 90 degrees to the kerb, if it is safe to do so. This is not always possible due to the gradient of the road or where it would make the motorcycle stick out into oncoming traffic. 

We also request that motorcyclists park alongside motorcycles that are already parked to minimise the space taken up. 

Parking enquiries

PO Box 1462
Croydon CR9 1WX
United Kingdom