Visitor parking permits

Residents of Croydon can apply for a day parking permit for visitors. Annual passes are available for central Croydon.

If you are a Croydon resident and live in a controlled parking zone, you can get a permit to allow visitors to park nearby. One permit is allowed per household.

Visitor permit types

You can either get a day permit or an annual permit.

Day permit

Most visitor permits are issued on a day-to-day basis, as and when you need them. The cost and timings of the permit depend on which zone you live in.

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Annual permit

You can also get an annual visitor permit if you live in the central CPZ. This only applies on evenings and Sundays.

If you need parking for your visitors at other times, you will need a day permit.

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Permit information by zone

You can find out more about controlled parking zones (CPZs) and check with zone you live in.

Central zone

Annual permit

  • cost: £18
  • valid: all day on Sundays and 6pm to midnight on other days

Croydon inner zones 

Inner zones are East Inner, East Outer, North, South, and West.
Cost per day: £4

 Emissions (CO2)Price
Band 1<1£2.25
Band 21 - 138£2.55
Band 3>138£3
Vehicles registered before March 2001 £3

Croydon outer zones

Outer zones are Bynes Road, Coulsdon, Napier Road, Norbury, Old Lodge Lane, Purley, Sanderstead, South Norwood and Thornton Heath.

Cost per day: £2.60

Emissions (CO2)
Band 1<1£1.43
Band 21 - 138£1.62
Band 3> 138£1.90
Vehicles registered before March 2001 £1.90

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