Charity parking permits

Charities registered with the Charities Commission and based in Croydon can apply for a parking permit.

Charity parking permits are for charities who are registered with the Charities Commission and whose address is within Croydon, allowing them to park in the zone where the charity is based.

Find out more about Croydon's permit zones.

What you need to apply 

You will need a scanned copy or photo of your official letterhead. This needs to include the charity name, address, registered charity number and details of the type of work you carry out.

You will also need either of the following:

  • a photo or scanned copy of page 2 of your V5C registration showing your vehicle make, model, engine size and emissions 
  • a screen shot of your vehicle emission data from online vehicle enquiry service, which is the only other format we accept

Charity permit costs from April 2020 

Date vehicle registered Charge Band CO2 emission (g/km) New charge for permit

From March 2001

Band 1



Band 2

1 – 75


Band 3

76 – 165


Band 4

166 – 225


Band 5



*Band 5+

If data not recorded on V5C or


Before March 2001

Band 6



+ Additional Diesel charging of £50 per vehicle registered before September 2015

There is an admin fee of £33 for new applications.

Apply for a charity permit

Start now

If you require a shared permit (that is not vehicle-specific), you must select Band 5.

Please set your permit start date at least 5 days in advance from when you apply. We cannot change the start date after you submit your application.

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