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What should you do if you suspect or hear of alleged abuse?

Report the abuse

To report adult abuse you can call: 020 8726 6500, if the case is urgent and requires immediate attention.

You can also use, the online Safeguarding adults referral form. Which can be found in the "Report It" section too, on the right of this page. (Please note: If the form is completed out of office hours, the report will be picked up the next working day). If the matter is urgent please ring: 020 8726 6500, however if the person is in immediate danger then call 999.

Further information

You can also get more detailed information, about Safeguarding Adults, via the Croydon Safeguarding Adults Board (CSAB) website

Responsibility for reporting abuse

Every individual who witnesses, hears of or learns of an abusive or potentially abusive situation in relation to an adult should report it to the adult abuse reporting line.

If you work in a care setting you should report it to your superior, manager or directly to the appropriate adult care team in Croydon. It is never someone else's responsibility to report abuse. However you must be able to report abuse or neglect yourself if time does not allow for management consultation.

London Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures have been revised in line with the Care Act 2014. See pages 59-86 for Adult Safeguarding Procedures. P65 specifically for raising a concern.


When information is received which suggests an individual is at immediate risk and/or a criminal offence may have been committed or that the individual is injured or in immediate physical danger, you should always contact the police and appropriate emergency services without delay. Ensuring that the individual(s) is safe and has access to treatment should always be a priority (whether life saving or routine responses for shock or minor injuries).

Referral to safeguarding service

As a local authority, Croydon has an overarching responsibility for the protection of adults at risk and for ensuring that enquiries or concerns are carried out or followed up.

On receiving a referral the appropriate social work team will then ensure that an enquiry is undertaken within the agreed time frames as set out in the Pan London document which are:

  • preliminary investigation (fact finding) within two working days
  • following initial enquiry a decision will be made as to what happens next and whether to arrange a safeguarding planning meeting
  • some initial enquiries may lead to alternative methods of supporting the individual at risk , such as reviewing the level of support available to them. In all cases the aim is to involve the person at risk, or someone who can represent them, in all discussions from the outset to make sure that any actions that follow take account of their wishes and feelings.

In line with the Care Act 2014, when an employer is aware of abuse or neglect in their organisation, then they are under a duty to correct this and protect the adult from harm as soon as possible and inform the local authority, CQC and CCG where the latter is the commissioner. Where a local authority has reasonable cause to suspect that an adult may be experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect, then it is still under a duty to make (or cause to be made) whatever enquiries it thinks necessary to decide what if any action needs to be taken and by whom. The local authority may well be reassured by the employer’s response so that no further action is required.

 In addition, provider services and agencies will have essential roles to play in:

  • gaining knowledge of signs and symptoms of abuse
  • recording and reporting factual evidence clearly and accurately
  • supporting people who are reporting symptoms of abuse
  • supporting adults at risk through the safeguarding enquiry process
  • supporting the person who may have caused the harm through the investigation process
  • monitoring adults where concerns have been expressed previously.


Adult Abuse Reporting Line

020 8726 6500
Out of hours: 
020 8726 6500
Address Line:

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk