London Borough of Croydon

Children born between 1 September 2004 and 31 August 2005 and who are currently in Year 9 are eligible to apply for a place at a University Technical College (UTC) or a Studio School for the September 2019 intake.

Croydon does not currently have any UTCs or Studio Schools but full list of all 14+ schools in London and the surrounding area is available to download below.

University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

University Technical Colleges are set up by universities as business and specialise in one or two technical subjects. In years 10 and 11, they offer a similar GCSE curriculum to a typical secondary school, including English and Maths, as well as their specialist subject.

Studio Schools  

Studio schools are similar to UTCs in that they have employer involvement in the curriculum and focus on developing skills needed for employment, involving personal coaching and work experience, along a similar curriculum to a typical secondary school.

Colleges with entry at age 14

A number of colleges accept applications for places in year 10. 

How to apply

Applications can be made online at and must be received by 31 October 2018. You will receive the result of your application on 1 March 2019 by logging into your eAdmissions account. Please ensure you keep your login details safe so you can access your account.


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