London Borough of Croydon

Summer holiday provision and guidance 2020

This summer things are very different to what we're used to. But we're still keen for children and young people to engage in safe activities, where possible.

Activities and childcare over the summer

The number of clubs and activities is likely to be very limited this summer as there are strict guidelines. This means that more activities will be offered online and as virtual classes. 

For activities for young people - visit the Young Croydon website

For community activities - visit the Simply Connect Croydon website

For childcare information - visit the Family Space Croydon website  

Anyone planning to use services out-of-school hours, should review the government's guidance for parents and carers  

Guidance for schools and organisations planning activities

The government has published protective measures guidance for planning and providing activities out-of-school hours. This should be used alongside the guidance for the safe use of community facilities

To ensure facilities and activities and are safe, please adhere to all the current government guidance. 

If a child becomes unwell with COVID-19 symptoms 

If a child does becomes unwell with COVID-19 symptoms while attending your holiday provision or activity. You should:

  • isolate the child in a closed ventilated room until they are collected by their parent or carer
  • if isolation is not possible, they should be moved to an area at least two metres from other people
  • clean any contaminated areas
  • refer to the risk assessment that was written for running the activity during the COVID-19 period - the venue should have one too
  • email Shelley Davies - Director of Education and Rachel Flowers - Director of Public Health

The child and the parent/carer who collects them should be reminded that:

  • they need to request a test as soon as possible
  • the child should self isolate for 7 days
  • the rest of the household should self-isolate for 14 days

For more health guidance and advice about Covid-19 please email

Please also see the Government and NHS advice about COVID-19    

Local advice and resources

You can take advantage of local resources to help with planning. To access advice and resources, please email

Free online training around safeguarding, food hygiene, equality and diversity and much more can be accessed too at Croydon Me Learning

Healthy food options

When planning activities, it's also important to provide healthy food options.

Please see the links below for guidance and advice about this. 


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