Croydon disability register and access card

Leisure and activity discounts for all children and young people on our disability register.

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About the register and access card

We have partnered with Nimbus Disability to offer a discount card to all children and young people on our disability register. The card is free and is part of a national access card scheme, giving benefits and discounts to facilities and activities across the country.

About Croydon’s disability register

The council has a statutory responsibility to maintain a register of children and young people with disabilities who live in the borough. The register is used to provide support to children and young people with disabilities and their carers. It also helps us manage our resources and target services where it’s needed most.

It is the personal choice of parents and carers to include their children in the register, and although we encourage everyone applicable to join the register, it isn’t compulsory.

About the access card

The access card is widely accepted as proof of a disabled person’s needs, and provides access to concessions such as free companion passes and tickets.

The card has symbols which confirm a person’s needs, to inform providers quickly and discreetly about the support that may be required.   

Visit to see all the organisations which offer benefits to access card holders. Many organisations not listed still provide benefits, so keep your card with you just in case.

Who can join the register and apply for a card

All children and young people in Croydon with moderate or severe disabilities should join the register.

To qualify, a child or young person will need to meet all the following criteria:

  • be diagnosed with a permanent and substantial disability
  • live in the borough
  • be aged 18 years or younger

The access card is available across the UK for £15, but is provided free to Croydon residents as a benefit of joining the disability register.

How to register

Register online

You will need the following information ready:

  • a scanned or good quality photo of valid photo ID, such as a passport, blue badge or citizen card
  • passport style photo to upload; this will be printed on the card
  • a scanned or good quality photo of proof of the disability, such as an education health and care plan or a letter from your doctor