London Borough of Croydon

Your Home - Your Move

Your Home - Your Move services & information

  • Your Home - Your Move

    Information on the housing situation in Croydon including options and support available to you. 

  • Housing options self help tool

    Use the self –help tool if you have been asked to leave your accommodation or you are at risk of losing your home.  Please note: This is not an application for social or council housing.  If you wish to apply for social or council housing please click on this link to see if you are eligible to go on to the Council’s Housing Register.

  • Public Body Referral

    You should use this form if you are an organisation who under the Homelessness Reduction Act has a public body duty to refer someone you believe is homeless or threatened with homelessness.   Please ensure you have the customers consent to make the referral and that they wish to make an application to London Borough of Croydon.

  • I am aged between 16- and 21

    Housing information and advice for people aged between 16 and 21.

  • Rough sleepers

    Are you sleeping rough, Do you want to tell us about someone sleeping rough or are you a volunteer working with rough sleepers. Find out how we can help.

  • Emergency accommodation advice pack

    The following links provide information and advice for families who have been given emergency bed and breakfast or hostel accommodation.


  • Who we consider to be homeless

    When the council may be able to help you if you consider yourself homeless.

  • Croydon Lettings

    Croydon Lettings Agency’s goal is to help residents find and keep a home in the private rental sector. We aim to strengthen tenancies by working with landlords and residents to match their needs.


  • Applying for a council property

    The housing register is a waiting list of applicants applying for social housing. Homes are allocated on the basis of housing need, length of time on the register and choice of area and property type.

  • Croydon housing allocations scheme council is required to publish its policy explaining how it decides who to offer social housing to.