Croydon housing allocations scheme

Our housing allocations policy explains how we decide who to offer social housing.

There are a lot of people in Croydon who cannot afford to buy a home or to rent somewhere to live from a private landlord. Local authorities and housing associations provide social housing for people that cannot afford to buy or rent market housing that is suitable for their needs.

The council keeps a waiting list, called the housing register, with details of everyone that applies for social housing. Unfortunately there is not enough social housing in Croydon for everyone that applies and so we have a system for deciding who will be offered social housing and how quickly. The council is required to publish its policy explaining how it decides who to offer new or vacant social housing to, called the housing allocations scheme.

You can download a copy of the full version of the housing allocation scheme using the link below. You can also view a summary of the scheme.

Croydon Choice

Croydon Choice is a choice based lettings scheme. Croydon Choice radically changes how council and housing association homes are let, giving housing applicants much more control, and putting them in the driving seat.

All homes available to rent will be advertised on the dedicated website . Applicants that have been approved on the housing register can search and bid for homes they are interested in, and eligible for. Properties are advertised as soon as they are available so housing applicants need to check the website regularly. There is a mobile app that can be downloaded from the app store or google play. – look for the app called Home Connections.

More information on how to register and how to bid can be found at or in the Frequently Asked Questions document below.

Documents relating to Croydon housing allocations scheme