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Resident involvement is all about tenants working with the council to improve housing services and the local community. Getting involved is a great way to meet people and develop new skills, whilst helping us to improve your housing services. 

All the different ways to get involved are summarised below. To help all residents to attend our meetings, we may be able to assist with travel and care costs. Please contact the resident involvement team for further information. 

Housing ID

Housing Involvement Database

This is the first step to getting involved. The housing involvement database (Housing ID) is a list of residents who have signed up to be consulted on housing issues. Joining the Housing ID enables you to take part in a wide variety of involvement and scrutiny activities.

If you are not interested in going to meetings or are too busy with other commitments, you could choose to take part in neighbourhood voice or occasional surveys. Those with a bit more time might consider applying to be a member of a service improvement group, specialist panel or become a mystery shopper. You can opt to take part in as many activities as you wish and choose the times and topics that suit you.

Click on the link to register online.

Tenant and leaseholder panel

This borough-wide panel focuses on broader housing issues which affect all tenants and leaseholders, including rent levels, anti-social behaviour and repairs policies. Applications to join the panel are welcome from Croydon council tenants and leaseholders. Please read the person specification and complete the self-assessment if you would like to be considered for this role. Agendas and minutes for meetings can be found in the Council and Democracy section of the website.

Your housing, your questions

Your Housing, Your Questions

One-off 'Question Time' style events, where residents have the opportunity to ask questions of senior housing officers on housing related issues. These sessions can be themed, e.g. on the subject of repairs or allocations, or open, with questions received on any aspect of the housing service.

Service improvement groups

Residents are recruited to look in detail at specific service areas. There are five service improvement groups (SIGS):

  • Resident involvement group
  • Responsive repairs steering group
  • Tenancy & neighbourhood services group
  • Income and welfare group
  • Leaseholder group
  • Capital investment

Communications Checked group  Communications Checked group logo

This group enables Croydon Council tenants and leaseholders to provide feedback on the publicity material, information and online content that is created for them. The role can be carried out online so there is no need to attend meetings.

Sheltered housing panel and housing disability panel

Residents from these groups meet three times a year with service managers to discuss housing issues specific to their needs.

Housing complaints panel

Housing complaints panel logo

The complaints panel was set up to review housing complaints that have not been resolved through the council's formal complaints procedure. The group also meets quarterly to monitor housing complaints performance and the performance of the contact centre. The housing complaints panel leaflet provides more information about the role of the panel.

Your rent, your say

A small group of residents who meet occasionally to review the budgets for housing services and monitor how council tenants’ rents and leaseholders’ service charges are spent.

Housing scrutiny

A group of Council tenants and leaseholders specifically recruited to review housing services on behalf of other residents and make recommendations as to how these can be improved, their role includes prioritising and overseeing other tenant led scrutiny activities – mystery shopping and housing services inspectors.

Mystery shopping

We train Croydon residents to carry out a series of pre-agreed tasks and report back their findings on the service and information they received. This is then used by the scrutiny panel or other groups to recommend service improvements.

Housing services inspectors

A small team of residents assist the scrutiny panel to carry out a detailed service inspection; this might include interviewing staff and residents and reporting findings back to the scrutiny panel. Their involvement is occasional and does not require regular, ongoing commitment.

Neighbourhood voice

Residents report back to us each month about issues such as caretaking and grounds maintenance by completing a simple form online or by post. The individual responses are fed back to the neighbourhood service managers and the overall results are included in the quarterly Tenancy & neighbourhood services SIG report.

Residents' associations and forums – local involvement

The resident involvement team provides advice to local residents' associations which are run by members. Residents' forums work on a similar basis but are serviced by officers to free residents up from organising and publicising meetings.

Estate inspections and estate walkabouts

Residents and representatives from the repairs or tenancy services carry out inspections on housing estates to highlight any issues.


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