London Borough of Croydon

Resident involvement and scrutiny

Resident involvement and scrutiny services & information

  • Resident involvement in Croydon

    A summary of the resident involvement structure and theNeighbourhood voice different ways to get involved.

  • Resident involvement news

    Updates from the resident involvement team and dates for your diary.

  • Resident involvement team

    A brief outline of the roles of resident involvement & scrutiny team members

  • Housing disability panel

    The housing disability panel meets three times a year and provides tenants and leaseholders with a forum in which housing related disability issues can be raised.

  • Housing performance and complaints monitoring

    Housing performance reports, benchmarking and survey results and information about the housing complaints panel.

  • Housing scrutiny panel

    A group of council tenants and leaseholders specifically recruited to review housing services on behalf of other residents and make recommendations as to how these can be improved.

  • Housing services forum

    A forum for residents to meet with senior housing officers to discuss issues around housing service delivery.

  • Housing services inspectors

    Trained residents inspect the services their landlord or service provider delivers against the standards that are set for those services.

  • Housing Involvement Database

    Join our database of residents and register to take part in a variety of involvement activities.

  • Housing surveys

    Information about recent housing surveys.

  • Leaseholder involvement

    Updating and involving leaseholders.

  • Local resident involvement

    Residents get together to make improvements in their local area. Find out about starting up a group in your block or estate.

  • Mystery shopping

    The mystery shopping scheme enables Croydon residents to check housing services and report their findings.

  • Neighbourhood voice

    The neighbourhood voice scheme enables residents to report to us each month on the neighbourhood services they receive, such as caretaking and grounds maintenance.

  • Open House newsletter

    Open House is the four-monthly housing newsletter sent to all council tenants and council leaseholders.

  • Sheltered housing panel

    The forum for the council's sheltered and special sheltered housing residents.

  • Your housing, your questions

    Housing question time - your opportunity to ask the decision makers about the housing issues that are important to you.