Croydon community mediation service

Croydon Community Mediation (CCM) offers an impartial mediation service to borough residents.

What is Croydon Community Mediation?

Croydon Community Mediation offers a mediation service to every resident of Croydon. The service is an independent non-profit making organisation supported by Croydon Council. The service is free to every resident of The London Borough of Croydon. A charge maybe made to landlords or housing associations who use the service.

Community mediation mainly covers problems between neighbours such as noise, boundaries, repairs, parking, animals, children or anything that may disturb those living close by. Usually a resolution happens quickly once people have decided to use mediation.

For more information and to discuss how mediation can help, how to become a mediator or the training we offer please contact us.

Croydon Mediation Service

17-20 Ramsey Court, 122 Church Street
Croydon CR0 1RF
United Kingdom