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Support if you're homeless or at risk of being homeless

Our homelessness service works with StreetLink to help rough sleepers.


Use StreetLink to get advice and help if you are a rough sleeper or if you want to report a rough sleeper you're concerned about across.  This service covers all of the UK, you don't have to be in Croydon to use it.


0300 500 0914


Download from the Apple App store or the Google Play store for Android.


What you need to tell StreetLink

  1. If you are a rough sleeper, the precise location where you will be rough sleeping tonight.  This is so that the outreach support team can find you.
  2. If you are reporting someone; the precise location where you saw someone rough sleeping.
  3. When the person was seen sleeping rough at the location.
  4. Descriptive information about the person that will help them get found (gender, approximate age, what the person looks like, what they are wearing).

What happens after you report a rough sleeper

StreetLink will arrange for the rough sleeper to get access to local services and support.

Can can request an update on what action has been taken by the council, you should receive this within 10 working days.