London Borough of Croydon

The special transfer payment scheme (STP)

To free up accommodations for younger families in need of larger homes, we are offering council tenants and assured tenants of housing associations in Croydon a windfall payment of £2,000 for each bedroom they give up when they move to a smaller home. The maximum payment is £8,000.

Who can apply

To qualify for the scheme you must be:

  • a secure council tenant living in Croydon or an assured tenant of the housing associations with homes in Croydon (not housing associations in Croydon take part in the STP scheme, so you should check with your landlord to find out if yours is)
  • living in a home that has more bedrooms than you need
  • prepared to move to a smaller home (a home with less bedrooms than your current home)

In certain circumstances, the scheme may also be available if you move to smaller properties via mutual exchange

What the STP scheme offers

If you are eligible for the scheme you will receive:

  • priority for a transfer to a smaller home
  • £2000 for each bedroom you give up (the maximum payable is £8000), so if you are moving from a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom home you will receive a payment of £4000 (although if you have any housing related debts, such as rent arrears, rechargeable repairs or court costs., these will be deducted from your lump sum)
  • if you are a council tenant we'll cover your furniture removal costs if you use the council's nominated removal contractor

Who cannot apply

There are some exceptions to the STP. You will not qualify for the scheme if you:

  • transfer to a smaller property because of a medical priority, or you are moving into special sheltered accommodation
  • are required to move as an under-occupying successor following the death of the tenant
  • fail to give vacant possession of the property you move out of
  • ask someone to leave your home before you apply for the scheme
  • transfer on management grounds
  • arrange a move yourself without the help of the council, or complete a mutual exchange with someone who is not a tenant of Croydon council


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