London Borough of Croydon

What is this scheme?

If you are a permanent resident living in a Council owned housing estate (detailed below) you can obtain a parking permit that allows you to park your car within the estate’s car park or roads only. It will not allow you to park your car on other streets in your area that are covered by normal parking restrictions. 

Housing Estates covered by our parking scheme are:

  • Albury Court/Bramley Hill
  • Birchfields / Southlands
  • Cromwell House
  • Croydon Grove     
  • Duppas Hill Lane
  • Eastney Rd
  • Garnet Rd
  • Gatestone Rd
  • Gillet Rd
  • Handcroft Rd
  • Heathfield Gardens
  • Leighton Street
  • Messser/Keeling/Morris
  • Sumner GARNDENS
  • The Elms (Tavistock Rd)
  • Violet Lane
  • Waddon (Hyde Housing)
  • Whitehorse Rd

To apply for a permit you must meet all the following criteria:

  • You are a permanent resident within a Council run housing estate (full list above)
  • You are the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • Your name and address appear on the Electoral register or council tax records

What you need to apply:

  • Digital copy (photo/scan) of your V5C registration document (not the new keeper supplement). This must show your current address on the estate you are applying for a permit
  • MOT certificate
  • Vehicular Insurance document
  • Credit or Debit  Card

How much does it cost?

The cost of a yearly permit is:

  • 1st permit price £27
  • 1st permit renewal price £18.50
  • 2nd permit (and renewal) price £42

For details of the cost of an on-street parking permit, please visit the parking pages.

How do I apply?

Apply online now.