London Borough of Croydon

Parenting resources in Croydon

It can be isolating if you are concerned about your child’s safety or behaviour. Parents can be afraid to ask for help as they worry people might not think they are not coping, there is help available if you have concerns. Through the Parenting and Relationship Hub we offer parenting courses for parents with children of all ages, from 0-19 years. Parenting courses are for everybody – they are available to all Croydon residents, free of charge, and run throughout the year with day and evening courses. Whether you have a particular issue you want help with or just want to learn some new skills and strategies, a parenting course can be a great way to access advice and support, and even make new friends.

Parenting courses can help you to:

  • learn new skills and strategies to manage challenging behaviour as well as reinforce positive behaviour
  • become more confident in your parenting
  • encourage you to look after yourself
  • gain peer support from other parents and build your own support networks 
  • learn to promote your child’s development 

Find out more about the programmes available in our parenting booklet.


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