London Borough of Croydon

Development of an all-age, all-disability hub in Croydon

Croydon owns a building on St James’s Road which was previously the Cherry Orchard day centre.  This building is being developed into an all-age and all-disability HUB, to provide a wider variety of person-centred services and facilities that are needed within the borough. 

The HUB is going to be called The Cherry Hub.

What will be in the hub?

The exact offer is still being scoped, but the new site will have a training kitchen, sensory room and large multi-activity room along with other more modern facilities.

The proposal is that facilities will be bookable, opening the facility to a wide range of people with disabilities.

The first service to utilise the building will be the Autism service who have relocated from Chatsworth Hall, in Chatsworth Road.  The staff have not changed and they are supporting all clients during the transition. 

Who is involved?

There is a project team of staff from Croydon Council who will be working on this alongside the building contractors.  We have been working closely with specialised staff and talking to people, their families and carers who currently use the Autism service at Chatsworth Road.

Engagement started in early January and will continue throughout the project.  We are building on the insight gathered by the ‘Walk in Our Shoes’ project and talking with a range of people to help develop the Hub.  We held a successful event on 6 March where people gave us their thoughts about the facilities and activities that they would like to see at the hub. We captured this and used it as part of the scoping. View the summary.

If you have any ideas, or would like to give us some feedback, please email

What has been happening since the engagement event?

Based on all the feedback we have been finalising designs and our building contractors have been clearing out and preparing the old Cherry Orchard day centre.

We have been able to recycle a lot of the old equipment and furniture which not only prevented it going to landfill (which means less pollution), but also saved money.

Surplus items were donated to:

  • The British Heart Foundation
  • A local second hand furniture shop who made a donation to the Mayors Charity.
  • Our Gateway Welfare & Enablement service who then donated to Salvation Army

When will this happen

The new hub is opening in two phases.

The Autism service have already relocated and the rest of the building will open in the Autumn 2018.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

We want to ensure that clients, families, carers and stakeholders and kept up to date with what is happening. 

If you have any questions or would like to be part of the engagement process, please contact