Help for households

See what support is available to help support you and your family with the rise in the cost of living. 

Cost of living support

Find out more about government’s cost of living support package, providing help for households with rising prices, targeted at those most in need.

Help for households

Household Support Fund (HSF)

The Household Support Fund grant is a one-off award that could help if you are facing hardship or emergency, including struggling to pay bills or afford food. Find out if you are eligible for the fund, and how to apply.

Tenant support

If you are a private tenant, we support you to ensure your rights and responsibilities when renting a property from a private landlord. Find out more about support for private tenants.

Holiday Activities and Food (HAF)

Children who are eligible for and claiming benefits-related free school meals can sign up for free activity clubs with healthy meals over the summer holidays.

Find support for families, young people and children

Use our directory to find council services, local voluntary and community organisations that can help support you and your family in Croydon.

Find support for you and your family

Tax-free childcare 

Families can save up to £2,000 a year on childcare costs with tax-free childcare.

Food banks

You can contact the discretionary support team who will support you with referrals to local food banks. Email and provide the team with the following details:

  • the reason you need the emergency support for a food bank referral 
  • when you will receive your next Universal Credit/wages 
  • a mini statement from your bank or building society

You can also find available food banks in Croydon using Simply Connect's food bank list.

If you are in urgent need of food

Contact: Nightwatch 

Time: From 9pm every night

Location: Fell Road near Bernard Weatherill House   

Food: Soup and Sandwiches

Healthy Start Scheme

Get help to buy fruit, vegetables and milk if you’re on a low income, pregnant or have a child under 4 years old.

To find out more visit: email or call 0300 330 7010.

Free school meals

If you are a parent who receives benefits, your child may be eligible for free school meals. Find out if your child is entitled.

Support for mental health

Visit our webpage to find support for mental health, including help with a mental health crisis or emergency

Adult Support Services

Adult Support Croydon is designed to help adults find out about local groups, activities and services within the community.  There is also an information and advice section to help residents on a range of health and social care topics.

Simply Connect Croydon

Simply Connect Croydon is a website managed by the CVA and Volunteer Centre Croydon where residents can find out about services and activities in the local area